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Our Team:


Rev Silas Wood- MinisterRev Silas Wood

The management team at AMC is led by the Rev Silas Wood.

Contact Silas by email

Worship Plan Secretary

Visiting preachers who wish to have more information should contact the Worship Plan Secretary,  Debbie Bushman - - 01525 406126


The team of Stewards is led by a Senior Steward, the team rotates each year.Helen Brooke

Helen Brooke - Senior Steward

The rest of our team:

Tracy Cartwright
Helen Brooke

Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith

Worship Leaders

Worship is led by the Minister or accredited Methodist Lay preachers, assisted by our trained Worship leaders.  Presently they are:

Angela Woodcraft
Angie Woodcraft

Patsy Aston
Patsy Aston

Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith

Safeguarding Coordinator

The Safeguarding Coordinator is Barbara Griffiths

Church Secretary

The Church Secretary is Elizabeth Kerr


The Church Treasurer is Patsy Aston

Property Stewards

the Church premises is maintained by a team of Property Stewards, led by David Hempsall.

Lettings Coordinator

Rooms are available for hire within the Church and the Lettings Coordinator is Debbie Bushman.  Details of the facilities available and the contact information are set out on the Lettings Page of this website. Our facilities can be booked by contacting the Lettings Coordinator - - 01525 406126. Charges available on request.