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Methodist Church in England

The Methodist Church is a mainstream Christian Church and in Britain there are thousands of Methodist Churches. At the last count in 2013 the British Methodist Church had over  200,000 active members. Additionally there are over 800,000 people in Britain who have an active connection with the Methodist Church. There are over 80 million such people across the world. We seek to work in partnership with Christians from other denominations whenever possible. There is more information at

AMC is included within the North Bedfordshire Circuit.
In North Bedfordshire, there are about 30 Methodist Churches and Local Ecumenical Projects, the latter involve Methodists joining together with Christians of other denominations to form one local united church.
These churches are grouped together to form the "North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit".
From September 2016, Ampthill Methodist Church will become part of a grouping of four churches in central Bedfordshire including Flitwick,  Clophill, and Haynes, which is served by one ordained Presbyter, based in Flitwick.